December 2018

We are now in the run up to (gulp) Christmas. By now most of the reds are finished, apart from 'Dianna Parks'. There are some lovely pinks out at the moment, 'The Fawn' is stunning at the moment. With lots of whites about. 'Elsa Sass' is yet to come out.

Most of the Tree Peonies will be finished, aprt from the yellows. 'Bartzella' is my pick at the moment, its bright yellow flowers on lush green foliage is a joy to behold!

Things To Do:

  1. Dead head any plants that have finished flowering, especially younger plants so that they put their energy into root growth and not seed growth.
  2. Cultivate around the plant to ensure good aeration and keep weed competition down.
  3. If soil is acid add a little lime around the roots, but not on the crown.
  4. If you have not fertilized for several years add half a handfull of Potassic Super or similar, again around the roots, but not on the crown.
  5. DO NOT cut the foliage back! as this will starve the roots. Besides you will miss out on the autumn colours.
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