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Tree Peonies

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Age of Gold Creamy lemon semi-double flowers showing red flares at the base of ruffled petals. Beautiful red autumn foliage..

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Bartzella An intersectional peony, a hybrid of herbaceous and tree type peonies. Lovely yellow flowers on deep green foliage. Great for the vase.

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Companion of Serenity An extremely large flower of soft shell pink with just two rows of petals held elegantly over the foliage of a wide spreading bush.

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Coronal This one we simply could not come home from Illinois without. Considered to be one of Professor Saunders most beautiful creations, and we would have to agree. With colours reminiscent of Peace Rose - soft cream petals with a picotee edge of rose pink. The buds have the long pointed effect of a rose bud. Cream semi double.

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Cream Cracker Cream single flowers the size of the palm of your hand literally smother the bush in the late spring.

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Marchioness Wonderfully flared petals of a blend of lemon suffused with rose, and flares of raspberry red. An extremely sturdy plant with strong stems and foliage. Saunders. Single pink.

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Roseberry One of the earlier tree peonies to flower with red and whites shades.

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