Tree Peonies

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Bartzella An intersectional peony, a hybrid of herbaceous and tree type peonies. Lovely yellow flowers on deep green foliage. Great for the vase.

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Black Panther Freely produced fully double blooms of the darkest black red are displayed over finely cut foliage.

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Coronal This one we simply could not come home from Illinois without. Considered to be one of Professor Saunders most beautiful creations, and we would have to agree. With colours reminiscent of Peace Rose - soft cream petals with a picotee edge of rose pink. The buds have the long pointed effect of a rose bud. Cream semi double.

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Guardian of the Monastery Huge single pale lavender petals with complimentary flares of purple - the whole effect being light and airy. The flowers are displayed perfectly over a spreading bush. Single lavender.

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Hana Kisoi A branching bush covered with a myriad of full double shell pink blooms. A most pleasing effect. Double pink.

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Iphigenia Deep velvety double red flower with dark red flares, opening wide to show the circlet of golden stamens.

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Marchioness Wonderfully flared petals of a blend of lemon suffused with rose, and flares of raspberry red. An extremely sturdy plant with strong stems and foliage. Saunders. Single pink.

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Zepherus A lovely pearly grey lavender double, with many rows of petals which have flares of wine red. An outstanding tree peony. Daphnis.

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